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A Time for Quiet

Luke 2:19 ESV

[19] But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.

In this season, these words resonate with me more than ever before.

2017 was one of (if not THE) longest/hardest years of our lives, and I can’t begin to know what 2018 will bring. Learning of Austin’s relapse and the multiple treatments that followed was possibly more painful than when we first learned he had brain cancer — because we know more than we did then and because the prognosis and the language this time around has been so much more heartbreaking. 💔

But still, there have been many, MANY graces given to us — I can’t stop being thankful for Christmas this year❣️🎄🎁 There have been days, moments, pictures and memories that I haven’t wanted to share. Things that I have been pondering, discovering and even lamenting.

These are the things I have been treasuring in my heart.

So, if I have been more quiet that usual lately, it’s not because God hasn’t been good. I just don’t have the words yet . . .

You can follow Austin’s story on the Pray for Austin Facebook page: )

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